The 2014’s last day…

This week I will share with you my New Year Eve shopping on

New Years Eve 204

The New Year Eve is the evening to have fun! You should wear the outfit that you love, the festive season are the occasion to shine! Don’t hesitate to play with sequins and glitters, you must! On the contrary of Christmas Eve, you should wear flashy red, nothing better than a deep dress to do sensation.

Who is saying New Year Eve is saying long dresses:

If you don’t dare to take a wonderful evening dress out during the festive season when will you wear them?! Be careful, the cut have to be perfect and befit you wonderfully otherwise you risk to look smaller and bigger that you are. Jumpsuits will be your allies too. Favor heavy materials for a better effect and colors at the very least dark (don’t wear net or pastel colors because they are too summer and weddings). You must have fun but you must respect the season.

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If you (or your morphology) prefer short and mi-length dresses:

Whether a sequined dress, with fringe 20 years, gold or flaming… you allow all as it is elegant! No way to overlay fantasies pieces to looks like a Christmas tree, you will calm all with neutral accessories and jewelry. And conversely, if you don’t dare whimsy with clothes, wear a good basic (I do not recommend you the black dress that every magazine keep on repeating us at all occasions because at last 70% of women with whom you will be will wear black) but don’t skimp on the port of wholesale jewelry and extravagant pockets. Dare bling-bing for once!


One basic, the smoking jacket:

To dress up any outfit, don’t forget to put the inevitable smoking jacket with rolled sleeves up. Basic and dark outfits will be topped with a colorful blazer and fancy outfits will be calmed with a basic one. Totally chic effect thanks to shoulder pads the smoking jacket is comfortable to wear indoors, more elegant than a jacket and warmer than a stole.


Which accessories for the festive season?

Festive, gold and silver are the most common and most easy to match, as it shines everything is good! Nevertheless, you should dare colored accessories! This end of the year, you bank on chic and choc accessories. The best way is matching bag and shoes. There are everything enhancing your look, even the simplest. Also, once again, bib necklaces, big bracelets and large rings are in the spotlight!


Concerning make-up, purple, brown or black smoky eyes will be perfect for this Eve as colored eyes (blue, khaki, orange, pink…) but exclusively if they are perfectly realized. If you prefer something more natural, opt for nude eyes with liner and a deep color and fleshy lipstick (red, girly pink, salmon…). About your hair: braids, bun, ponytail… everything you like in the index of the polished “tidy-mess” hair styles.

by Violaine Coutances



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