5 Things That Ruin Your Clothes

1. The label on the neckline of your new blouse is probably sewn right into the seam. So don’t cut it out yourself.

2. Never iron a garment right-side out, especially anything made of silk. If you don’t turn those gabardine pants inside out first, they’re going to end up as shiny as a mirror.

3. Don’t douse a stain with club soda — the sodium in the water just makes it penetrate more deeply into the fabric.

4. If you get food on your favorite outfit, don’t wet your napkin and blot the stain. White restaurant napkins are usually soaked in bleach at a commercial laundry — and the water can activate the bleach and discolor your clothes.

5. Whatever else you do, don’t lie to your dry cleaner, even if you panicked and used some crazy remedy you got from an old book.




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