6 Steps to Make Your Room Mosquito Proof

Mosquitoes can be found around the world, especially during warm or rainy seasons. At worst they can transmit disease, or they may just provide annoying bites. How can you ensure you don’t have them all in your room?

1. Try to eliminate all hidden surfaces in your room. Mosquitoes will often hide on hidden surfaces. For example, if you have a chest of drawers with a roof past your line of visibility, it is possible mosquitoes can lurk there.











2. If possible, avoid huge, grand curtains, at least in mosquito season. They provide great hiding places for mosquitoes. Opt for a thin white lining, where you can see them clearly.











3. Obtain a mosquito lamp and use it every night. You will need to wait until it is dark outside, turn off all other light sources in the room and close the door leaving only the light on. This special light attracts, then kills mosquitoes.











4. Keep your room clean. More clothes on the ground means more hiding places for the¬†mosquito. Don’t leave sweaty clothes around, this attracts them.











5. Crush a few camphor tablets in your palm and sprinkle the resulting powder on some surfaces and your bed. It will repel mosquitoes.











6. Keep a mosquito bat handy and know how to use it. It will electrocute the mosquito.





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