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New Years Eve 204

The New Year Eve is the evening to have fun! You should wear the outfit that you love, the festive season are the occasion to shine! Don’t hesitate to play with sequins and glitters, you must! On the contrary of Christmas Eve, you should wear flashy red, nothing better than a deep dress to do sensation.

Who is saying New Year Eve is saying long dresses:

If you don’t dare to take a wonderful evening dress out during the festive season when will you wear them?! Be careful, the cut have to be perfect and befit you wonderfully otherwise you risk to look smaller and bigger that you are. Jumpsuits will be your allies too. Favor heavy materials for a better effect and colors at the very least dark (don’t wear net or pastel colors because they are too summer and weddings). You must have fun but you must respect the season.

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If you (or your morphology) prefer short and mi-length dresses:

Whether a sequined dress, with fringe 20 years, gold or flaming… you allow all as it is elegant! No way to overlay fantasies pieces to looks like a Christmas tree, you will calm all with neutral accessories and jewelry. And conversely, if you don’t dare whimsy with clothes, wear a good basic (I do not recommend you the black dress that every magazine keep on repeating us at all occasions because at last 70% of women with whom you will be will wear black) but don’t skimp on the port of wholesale jewelry and extravagant pockets. Dare bling-bing for once!


One basic, the smoking jacket:

To dress up any outfit, don’t forget to put the inevitable smoking jacket with rolled sleeves up. Basic and dark outfits will be topped with a colorful blazer and fancy outfits will be calmed with a basic one. Totally chic effect thanks to shoulder pads the smoking jacket is comfortable to wear indoors, more elegant than a jacket and warmer than a stole.


Which accessories for the festive season?

Festive, gold and silver are the most common and most easy to match, as it shines everything is good! Nevertheless, you should dare colored accessories! This end of the year, you bank on chic and choc accessories. The best way is matching bag and shoes. There are everything enhancing your look, even the simplest. Also, once again, bib necklaces, big bracelets and large rings are in the spotlight!


Concerning make-up, purple, brown or black smoky eyes will be perfect for this Eve as colored eyes (blue, khaki, orange, pink…) but exclusively if they are perfectly realized. If you prefer something more natural, opt for nude eyes with liner and a deep color and fleshy lipstick (red, girly pink, salmon…). About your hair: braids, bun, ponytail… everything you like in the index of the polished “tidy-mess” hair styles.

by Violaine Coutances

★ “All I want for Christmas is you…” ★ ♪

This week I will share with you my Christmas shopping on



Christmas is sign of tradition and elegance, so you opt for neutral shades, dark but warm (emerald-green, plum, navy blue, mottled taupe… and traditionally the black shaded off). Do not compete with the Christmas tree having pride of place in the middle of the living room wearing vermilion red and gold color with excess. Favor sparkling jewels, iridescent and lamé. Sequins and glitters, obviously, but in matching shades with your dress, don’t wear the total gold outfit.

Simple Christmas Eve with your family:

For Christmas Eve celebrations with simplicity and in the most beautiful familial tradition, you should choose a mid-length dress, short or long sleeves but you must respect the season. There is no question to wear tank dresses or chiffon ones! You should refrain from plunging neckline not very favorable to familial bringing together. You should accessorize your dress with black tights, small chains or bib necklaces as your tastes. Don’t forget to display a perfect manicure and accessorize your fingers and wrists we will most of time see during the dinner.



Refined Christmas Eve to the restaurant or to a reception:

If you don’t dare to take the cocktail dress out during the festive season when will you wear them?! The Christmas dress-code: be wearing neither red color, nor “bling-bling”, nor plunging necklines . This maxim is applicable too for the jumpsuits. These two kinds of clothes, the most elegant of your wardrobe, will mostly stretch out your legs if you banish the patterns. Be careful, the cut have to be perfect and befit you wonderfully otherwise you risk to look smaller and bigger (I recommend you to emphasize your waist as much as possible). This is the party you take clutches, heels pumps and imposing jewels out.


Concerning make-up, smoky eyes will be perfect for this Eve but exclusively if they are perfectly realized. If you prefer something more natural, opt for a deep color and fleshy lipstick. About your hair: braids, bun, ponytail… everything you like in the index of the polished “tidy-mess” hair styles.

Gifts opening day:

The 25th is sign of conviviality and joy. This time, and contrary to Eve celebrations, you should wear red clothes (mostly ruby and strawberry colors) and gold glitter touches. More casual, the cuts are more simple and loose. Without going until wear the casual jeans and tennis style, you should wear cigarette or skinny pants with a silk shirt. If you avoid printed pieces during the Eve celebrations, you must favor them that day. You choose unobtrusive patterns in order to cheer your outfit up. Nevertheless the plunging neckline is still not recommended unless bringing under control.



Which accessories for the festive season?

Gold or silver, the sparkler the better! You will favor the gold color which brings warmth to your outfit (and which is so well suited to the blond girls). Glitter clutches and purses, shoes and shinny jewels… This end of the year, you bank on chic and choc accessories. There are everything enhancing your look, even the most simple. Gold shoes offer innumerable possibilities concerning accessorizing. It’s important to remind the shade with at least one accessory, at best your bag. But you could also remind them with wide bracelets or imposing necklaces.




by Violaine Coutances

The Shirt, more than a basic, an Essential

During the few last weeks we talked about Vintage, Romantic and Minimalist styles. This week I’m tackling a basic piece we find in these three different styles but we will discover them in other ones too:

From the more or less thick cotton shirt for men to the silk blouse for women, the shirt is nowadays unisex and has known many troubles in its past. Considered as a prosperity sign to the 19th century, it’s finally during the 20th century that women adopt it as a rebellion sign against the battle of the sexes.

A basic and master key, the shirt is classic, timeless, it won’t go out of fashion and is easily wearable in summer as well as in winter. It gives this small “additional touch” of femininity, style and elegance. Familiarized to the podiums and seen at every corner for decades now, the blouse became THE ultra-feminine piece in 60/70’s and may overshadow the essential Black Dress.

A virgin sheet on which you can inscribe your proper style:

……..Long sleeves shirt tucked in A-line raw jeans or swing skirt:
Here is how to wear the elegant vintage style. Either the shirt is white, either it is pastel colored; you like the square or pointed shoulder pads. The jewelry details on the point of the collar bring light to your outfit. But be careful, the shirt has to be skinny, perfectly fitted and you forget the chest pockets!


……..Short puffed out sleeves associated to pleated skirts:
Here is the eternal pretty girl outfit. This look, totally reserved for the less-than-30-years-old women, allows playing with the collars categories. You dare the contrasted collars or the printed ones, Peter Pan or classics, opened or closed. In winter, wear your shirt with a pretty low V-neck thin pullover (but prefer collar in matching shades) as well as high socks in your boots or ballet shoes. Please banish heels if you don’t want to look like the sexy student in teenagers movies.


……..Filmy shirt combined with a big-stitches cardigan and stoned or used jeans:
Here is a romantic look, a tiny bit bohemian. You should dare spring colors shirts or unobtrusive prints. The long sleeves or sleeveless shirts are privileged but be careful you won’t wear them the same way. The long sleeves blouse is more audacious with a plunging neckline which will leave appear a lace camisole, while the sleeveless shirt is buttoned up until the collar button with a pony tail which will disclose your neck. The little things that make the difference: don’t forget to belt your cardigan in order to fit your straight blouse.


……..Boyfriend shirt with jeans and tennis:
Here is a casual masculine-feminine outfit which is starring denim, going from pants to short, through the shirt itself (but not both at the same time). Another way to wear the masculine-feminine style: an ultra-skinny shirt with a big knot, a bow tie or a tie on a half-opened collar. The shirt is tucked in an A-line short or pants accompanied with the most classic pair of pumps.


……..Silk shirt associated with cigarette pants or pencil skirt:
Here is a refine minimalist style, or the working-girl perfect outfit. You must choose a blouse in precious materials; its cut is perfect, a bit loose. You should bank on a low-neck collar rather than the eternal stiff one: the Jabot collar or the Pussybow collar will be your assets, mostly if they are in matching shades. If you opt for a simple and slim collar, you will like the opened chest pockets (but not the turn-up ones), the small-chest girls’ best friends to highlight your femininity. To complete your outfit, there is nothing like a wonderful pair of vertiginous varnished or a bit fanciful pumps.


You unpick and you start afresh:

The white shirt is the par excellence basic! Nothing is easier to accessorize and personalize. Let’s start by the jewelry: a Bib necklace on a closed collar buttoned up until the collar button could break the “uptight” style and brings colors to your outfit. If you prefer the opened collars, the girls who have long and thin neck can slip their bib necklace under the shirt, or you can just wear a small chain with a pretty imposing or unobtrusive charm. On your wrist, it’s the same thing, a chain or a thin bangle will too seem to suit a wide cuff bracelet with folded down sleeves.

Concerning personalization: it’s easier to start with the buttons. If you are fed up with the pearly buttons you see everywhere, unpick them and go to the Notions store, an absolute Aladdin’s Cave! Navy style buttons could marry raw jeans, Liberty buttons with big-stitches clothes, Vintage buttons, black & white ones, round ones, square ones… Just have fun! Another personalization for the nimblest girls, put jewelry on the corner of the collar, an edging on the cuffs or on the top of the pockets, another material pockets, net sleeves in matching shades… The shirt offers you an infinite number of possibilities, isn’t it the basic role?

by Violaine Coutances


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Contemporary and elegant with simplicity

The minimalist style is a trend, coming from the 60’s, which has deeply shocked the contemporary fashion evolution. This very sleek style was strongly affirmed and has become a reference over the years. The minimalist trend is the art of bringing simultaneously the timeless and sophisticated classic and futuristic silhouettes while being “In”.


A minimized outfit requires maximalist focus on cuts:

In 2014, several designers focus themselves on this “less-is-more” trend. It doesn’t only apply to the actual amount of clothes you put on your body, but it also keeps your outfit minimal when it comes to colors and cuts. These last ones are neat, graphic; materials are natural and precious. It’s a trend which stresses simplicity but mostly accuracy. To be fashion goes through knowing how to choose simple and elegant pieces in order to create a refine and trendy set.
All the aspiring minimalist fashion addicts will never wear synthetic clothes but attach a great importance to the product quality. Four materials are to favor: cashmere, 100% cotton, woolen and leather.

The three “must-have” that contemporary women have to include in their wardrobes:
The filmy long-sleeves white shirt, the A-line black pencil skirt and the A-line black pants, either they are cigarette cuts either Saint Laurent cuts. Thanks to them, you will display in any occasions a smart, modern and elegant outfit.

The bi-chrome is the new monochrome:

For sure, fashion is not synonym with eccentricity, on the contrary! “Get to the essential”, that is what perfectly characterizes streamlined silhouettes. The best way to adopt a contemporary fashion style is to wear a monochromatic outfit or more especially a bi-chromatic one. You could excessively use dark colors and solid pieces. The keywords: Pick a neutral color as basis, play with shades, do not definitively rule out colors, and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Don’t forget, “fashion is an art and contemporary art is universal”. Prints are following this trend, they are either unobtrusive either more-and-more audacious, from a realist to an abstract way. Indeed, remember that minimal doesn’t have to mean all-black or all-white! By following this maxim, your outfit will be clean and smart without being boring or overly fussy.


Here are some outfits’ examples which stick to the rules:

- First, you prefer neutral colors outfit:
Wear a pearl-grey silk tank, a deeper steel grey cashmere jacket paired with a tweed pants.

- Then, you like wearing colors softly:
Opt for a camel pencil skirt as basis, accompanied with a raspberry red button-down shirt or wine-colors cashmere sweater. Whether they are purple or red palettes, pastels or jewel tones, any color looks amazing with camel.

- Finally, you want to adopt the contemporary prints :
Try the Saint Laurent-style black pants, a pair of vertiginous pumps (the all-over-the-world fashion addicts dream: Christian Louboutin pumps), a cotton and lace black body top of a swallows prints pastel jacket.

by Violaine Coutances



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Romantic, glamour and seduction… Women strive for both life and wardrobe

This week and for the second time we will talk about a Fashion style. After the 50/60’s Vintage style, we will talk about the Romantic inspiration. This fashion style is a chronological succession of the vintage one because it is inspired by the end of 60’s & 70’s: the Bohemian and Hippy style.

The Romantic fashion style suggests tenderness, youthful romances, and country style daydreams. The glamorous lady wants to show her femininity and her sensuality through a delicate and refined attitude in all circumstances. She approaches her wardrobe as an extension of her personality.
Nowadays there are two different ways to adopt a romantic outfit:

The Neo-bohemian way:

The neo-bohemian style is the new hippy inspiration from Woodstock and May 1968. The ideal wardrobe contains paisley prints, filmy blouses and flared tops, long petticoats, flat mules or ankle gladiator sandals… and regarding accessories: long chains and pretty flower-shaped hair slides and THE boho wickerwork shopping bag. You can easily and merrily pour it on yourself playing with chiffons and filmy materials like.


The Eden Garden way:

This whimsical approach is concerning women who have kept their childhood souls and a tad soppy, a tad sentimental. The ideal wardrobe contains twirl around, ruffle and A-line skirts and dresses, lace or crocheted camisoles and tops, silk scarves… and regarding accessories: antique headbands and brooches, and charms jewelry. You perfectly wear the jeans, slim or boyfriend ones, unless paired with a gorgeous silk blouse or with a top which has a tendency to fall below the hip, sometimes creating bulk where there is none.


Either fabrics, either colors, romantic women wear natural outfits:

The nymphets try to balance their wardrobe with neutral colors, drawing inspirations from graduations of green, light blue or brown, subtle shades from beige to light pink, through salmon pink. Genuine materials sets and natural prints borrow the codes to the vegetal and floral world. Complete your outfit with sand color, taupe color or lilac color and you will have the “crème de la crème”.

The English hundred-year-old “Liberty” prints are probably, in the same way as knitted stitches and real smooth leather or suede leather slouch bags, the most emblematic fabrics of the Bohemian trend. The romantic favorite materials are the loose drapes of Cotton, woolen or Silk, the Lace and see-through chiffons such as Muslin.


No need to wear the Hippy sign to get a bohemian style:

Accessories, once again, will help to complete and finish your outfits. Long chains or strings of pearls for femininity, cameos or superimposition of thin chains for authenticity, this is the detail which will tend to provide the whimsy. You should bring fantasy with cute charms to personalize your delicate jewelry, or knot ribbons and silk flowers to your bracelets/bands or even bags handles.

Please don’t forget your pretty hat! This is one of the most common romantic accessories. You should wear the Boater and the Beret on one side or slightly on the back of your head, or the Wide-brimmed hat and Bell one to look more mysterious. For the anecdote, Coco Chanel was the first designer who democratizes the traditional horsing and hunting hat, making the Boater her emblem of hat.


My advice:

You need to keep your choices tasteful and appropriate: please don’t adopt a whole bohemian outfit, you could go to the caricature and it’s sometimes associated to a very casual one. You should experiment a combination of clean and sophisticated lines with your love for frilly and soft details. Just add your glamour touch which will highlight your fresh-faced and your romantic idealism. The same goes for the overdose of “Liberty” prints, wear them with little posturing and limit yourself, preferably, to wear only one piece per outfit.

by Violaine Coutances



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Today’s trends are probably the Vintage fashion of tomorrow …

This is my first post on that blog; my name is Violaine and I’m French. I love the fashion world, the fashion design sector (in which I am a protagonist) and to decode the styles and trends. You could follow my articles each week and share with me your feedbacks and wishes…

So, for the three next weeks, we will decode three different styles, beginning with the Vintage one:

The vintage fashion style takes the most popular style of past other time periods or styles, especially the 20’s/30’s and the 50’s. You can find the common thread that runs through the wardrobe choices to highlight femininity, romance and the best tailoring of famous fashion designers. Moreover, how good it is to hear your mother saying: “I have these old things, I bought them when I was a teenager…” and then to see yourself wearing them nowadays.


The 1950’s Vintage:

At that time, they knew what « sexy » meant! The 50’s style highlights all the female attributes being sexy but never crossing the vulgarity border. Either a swing dress or a pencil skirt, they must be « midi-length »: they imperatively must be below the knees. Like Mrs. Coco Chanel said: “Montrer les cuisses oui, mais ses genoux, jamais!” – Show your thighs yes, but your knees, never! –

Those years were the A-lines apogee. Dresses and skirts are wearing with their own built-in petticoats, and accessorized with skinny or ultra skinny belts which show all the figures to good advantage. Don’t forget to wear your outfit with a lovely selection of embroidered cardigans. You attired yourself in girly colors (candy pink, cozy pink, golden yellow, deep red…) and you may play with prints (flowers, always flowers…).


The 1960’s Vintage:

Dresses, always very smart, were not too short not too long, as a lot of women like so much… Either Peter Pan collars or scallop collars for the wisest among us, either low V-necks and lace bandeau dresses for the most extrovert ones; for sure the femininity is again and again the watchword, but the freedom too. Indeed, shoulders striped and the outfit became happier because more colorful. Endow you with natural materials such as cotton, twill and gingham, with pedal pushers, halter neck or drawstring dresses without forgetting the ballet slippers.

Handheld bags became the 60’s emblem. The essential shoulder bags and satchels were adapted in several leather shades (nothing else except leather of course) for whom the smart working girl could match with all her outfits.


For the most classic and the most reticent:

If you don’t dare to adopt the total look, dare vintage shoes or bags at the beginning. The purses are doing their come-back so why wouldn’t you be “In” displaying a wonderful old branded piece.

Let’s talk about accessories: a scarf in your hair, a lamed or glitter headband otherwise a beautiful shiny brooch… with them you won’t take any risks for sure! Vintage jewelry is, for me, a fast and effective way of adding style to an outfit, especially with highly embellished accessories with beading, gathered and sparkled. By the way, keep in mind the ultra-skinny and deep colorful belt emphasizing your perfect skinny waist.

It’s not enough to wear vintage outfits, you need to be vintage!

A vintage look needs to be harmonious thanks to details. The fresh-faced must be perfect, well-defined eyebrows and the mouth drawn with a deep red. The eyes are natural but you stretch them out with a liner line and please don’t hesitate to overuse ultra-black mascara. As for nails, they are faultless with a pretty red nail polish (matched with your mouth), cozy pink or neutral.


My advice:

Look for good finishes such as beautiful buttons, quality fabric and flattering cuts. You can easily find items those can be styled into a vintage look with the right accessories. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open, the keywords: dare deep colorful and “Bling-bling” vintage accessories and jewelry! This is probably the girly-girls idea of heaven.

by Violaine Coutances



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