★ “All I want for Christmas is you…” ★ ♪

This week I will share with you my Christmas shopping on Jollychic.com.



Christmas is sign of tradition and elegance, so you opt for neutral shades, dark but warm (emerald-green, plum, navy blue, mottled taupe… and traditionally the black shaded off). Do not compete with the Christmas tree having pride of place in the middle of the living room wearing vermilion red and gold color with excess. Favor sparkling jewels, iridescent and lamé. Sequins and glitters, obviously, but in matching shades with your dress, don’t wear the total gold outfit.

Simple Christmas Eve with your family:

For Christmas Eve celebrations with simplicity and in the most beautiful familial tradition, you should choose a mid-length dress, short or long sleeves but you must respect the season. There is no question to wear tank dresses or chiffon ones! You should refrain from plunging neckline not very favorable to familial bringing together. You should accessorize your dress with black tights, small chains or bib necklaces as your tastes. Don’t forget to display a perfect manicure and accessorize your fingers and wrists we will most of time see during the dinner.



Refined Christmas Eve to the restaurant or to a reception:

If you don’t dare to take the cocktail dress out during the festive season when will you wear them?! The Christmas dress-code: be wearing neither red color, nor “bling-bling”, nor plunging necklines . This maxim is applicable too for the jumpsuits. These two kinds of clothes, the most elegant of your wardrobe, will mostly stretch out your legs if you banish the patterns. Be careful, the cut have to be perfect and befit you wonderfully otherwise you risk to look smaller and bigger (I recommend you to emphasize your waist as much as possible). This is the party you take clutches, heels pumps and imposing jewels out.


Concerning make-up, smoky eyes will be perfect for this Eve but exclusively if they are perfectly realized. If you prefer something more natural, opt for a deep color and fleshy lipstick. About your hair: braids, bun, ponytail… everything you like in the index of the polished “tidy-mess” hair styles.

Gifts opening day:

The 25th is sign of conviviality and joy. This time, and contrary to Eve celebrations, you should wear red clothes (mostly ruby and strawberry colors) and gold glitter touches. More casual, the cuts are more simple and loose. Without going until wear the casual jeans and tennis style, you should wear cigarette or skinny pants with a silk shirt. If you avoid printed pieces during the Eve celebrations, you must favor them that day. You choose unobtrusive patterns in order to cheer your outfit up. Nevertheless the plunging neckline is still not recommended unless bringing under control.



Which accessories for the festive season?

Gold or silver, the sparkler the better! You will favor the gold color which brings warmth to your outfit (and which is so well suited to the blond girls). Glitter clutches and purses, shoes and shinny jewels… This end of the year, you bank on chic and choc accessories. There are everything enhancing your look, even the most simple. Gold shoes offer innumerable possibilities concerning accessorizing. It’s important to remind the shade with at least one accessory, at best your bag. But you could also remind them with wide bracelets or imposing necklaces.




by Violaine Coutances



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