Contemporary and elegant with simplicity

The minimalist style is a trend, coming from the 60’s, which has deeply shocked the contemporary fashion evolution. This very sleek style was strongly affirmed and has become a reference over the years. The minimalist trend is the art of bringing simultaneously the timeless and sophisticated classic and futuristic silhouettes while being “In”.


A minimized outfit requires maximalist focus on cuts:

In 2014, several designers focus themselves on this “less-is-more” trend. It doesn’t only apply to the actual amount of clothes you put on your body, but it also keeps your outfit minimal when it comes to colors and cuts. These last ones are neat, graphic; materials are natural and precious. It’s a trend which stresses simplicity but mostly accuracy. To be fashion goes through knowing how to choose simple and elegant pieces in order to create a refine and trendy set.
All the aspiring minimalist fashion addicts will never wear synthetic clothes but attach a great importance to the product quality. Four materials are to favor: cashmere, 100% cotton, woolen and leather.

The three “must-have” that contemporary women have to include in their wardrobes:
The filmy long-sleeves white shirt, the A-line black pencil skirt and the A-line black pants, either they are cigarette cuts either Saint Laurent cuts. Thanks to them, you will display in any occasions a smart, modern and elegant outfit.

The bi-chrome is the new monochrome:

For sure, fashion is not synonym with eccentricity, on the contrary! “Get to the essential”, that is what perfectly characterizes streamlined silhouettes. The best way to adopt a contemporary fashion style is to wear a monochromatic outfit or more especially a bi-chromatic one. You could excessively use dark colors and solid pieces. The keywords: Pick a neutral color as basis, play with shades, do not definitively rule out colors, and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

Don’t forget, “fashion is an art and contemporary art is universal”. Prints are following this trend, they are either unobtrusive either more-and-more audacious, from a realist to an abstract way. Indeed, remember that minimal doesn’t have to mean all-black or all-white! By following this maxim, your outfit will be clean and smart without being boring or overly fussy.


Here are some outfits’ examples which stick to the rules:

- First, you prefer neutral colors outfit:
Wear a pearl-grey silk tank, a deeper steel grey cashmere jacket paired with a tweed pants.

- Then, you like wearing colors softly:
Opt for a camel pencil skirt as basis, accompanied with a raspberry red button-down shirt or wine-colors cashmere sweater. Whether they are purple or red palettes, pastels or jewel tones, any color looks amazing with camel.

- Finally, you want to adopt the contemporary prints :
Try the Saint Laurent-style black pants, a pair of vertiginous pumps (the all-over-the-world fashion addicts dream: Christian Louboutin pumps), a cotton and lace black body top of a swallows prints pastel jacket.

by Violaine Coutances



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