Today’s trends are probably the Vintage fashion of tomorrow …

This is my first post on that blog; my name is Violaine and I’m French. I love the fashion world, the fashion design sector (in which I am a protagonist) and to decode the styles and trends. You could follow my articles each week and share with me your feedbacks and wishes…

So, for the three next weeks, we will decode three different styles, beginning with the Vintage one:

The vintage fashion style takes the most popular style of past other time periods or styles, especially the 20’s/30’s and the 50’s. You can find the common thread that runs through the wardrobe choices to highlight femininity, romance and the best tailoring of famous fashion designers. Moreover, how good it is to hear your mother saying: “I have these old things, I bought them when I was a teenager…” and then to see yourself wearing them nowadays.


The 1950’s Vintage:

At that time, they knew what « sexy » meant! The 50’s style highlights all the female attributes being sexy but never crossing the vulgarity border. Either a swing dress or a pencil skirt, they must be « midi-length »: they imperatively must be below the knees. Like Mrs. Coco Chanel said: “Montrer les cuisses oui, mais ses genoux, jamais!” – Show your thighs yes, but your knees, never! –

Those years were the A-lines apogee. Dresses and skirts are wearing with their own built-in petticoats, and accessorized with skinny or ultra skinny belts which show all the figures to good advantage. Don’t forget to wear your outfit with a lovely selection of embroidered cardigans. You attired yourself in girly colors (candy pink, cozy pink, golden yellow, deep red…) and you may play with prints (flowers, always flowers…).


The 1960’s Vintage:

Dresses, always very smart, were not too short not too long, as a lot of women like so much… Either Peter Pan collars or scallop collars for the wisest among us, either low V-necks and lace bandeau dresses for the most extrovert ones; for sure the femininity is again and again the watchword, but the freedom too. Indeed, shoulders striped and the outfit became happier because more colorful. Endow you with natural materials such as cotton, twill and gingham, with pedal pushers, halter neck or drawstring dresses without forgetting the ballet slippers.

Handheld bags became the 60’s emblem. The essential shoulder bags and satchels were adapted in several leather shades (nothing else except leather of course) for whom the smart working girl could match with all her outfits.


For the most classic and the most reticent:

If you don’t dare to adopt the total look, dare vintage shoes or bags at the beginning. The purses are doing their come-back so why wouldn’t you be “In” displaying a wonderful old branded piece.

Let’s talk about accessories: a scarf in your hair, a lamed or glitter headband otherwise a beautiful shiny brooch… with them you won’t take any risks for sure! Vintage jewelry is, for me, a fast and effective way of adding style to an outfit, especially with highly embellished accessories with beading, gathered and sparkled. By the way, keep in mind the ultra-skinny and deep colorful belt emphasizing your perfect skinny waist.

It’s not enough to wear vintage outfits, you need to be vintage!

A vintage look needs to be harmonious thanks to details. The fresh-faced must be perfect, well-defined eyebrows and the mouth drawn with a deep red. The eyes are natural but you stretch them out with a liner line and please don’t hesitate to overuse ultra-black mascara. As for nails, they are faultless with a pretty red nail polish (matched with your mouth), cozy pink or neutral.


My advice:

Look for good finishes such as beautiful buttons, quality fabric and flattering cuts. You can easily find items those can be styled into a vintage look with the right accessories. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open, the keywords: dare deep colorful and “Bling-bling” vintage accessories and jewelry! This is probably the girly-girls idea of heaven.

by Violaine Coutances



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