Styling Trends 2014 – Accessories

An explosion of vivid fluorescent mesh, zips, chains and mini studs hit the catwalk. Some spectacular looks in homage of the Sixties. Accessories establish an organic dialogue with outfits.

• lively detailing on hand and shoulder bags
• matching clutches
• bags provide fertile ground for an element of playfulness, covered with tiny pegs
• openwork takes on a new surgical dimension, like laser-cutting applied to all kind of surfaces
• bags with variations of weaving surfaces
• natural minerals and wicker are mixed with ultra-sophisticated materials to recoup a natural energy
• bags with graphic and appliquéd decoration are the key and look super fresh when matched to the garment they are worn with

• weaving beltser lacework and raffia’ caps and visors

• laser-cutting details on shoes
• shoes with weaving optics
• shoes with heels out of sea-worn wood
• shoes with shells and net optics
• pointed sandals and stilettos with chain details

Head wear
• hats out of wicker
• perforated leather fisherman’s updates or semi-sheer lacework and raffia’ caps and visors

• brooches out of sea-worn wood
• necklaces out of natural minerals mixed with ultra-sophisticated materials
• earrings and necklaces out of corals
• colourful necklaces



How to Rock a Summer Scarf

The key to looking chic? The right accessories. Summer scarves are light and airy, they can be worn with jeans, tank tops, and shorts – not just with formal dress. The secret to rocking it out is wearing it with style.

summer scarves

STEP 1 Check the temperature Check the thermometer. Scarves in summer are appropriate for cool evenings, windy days, after a good rain, or to shade you from the sun.


STEP 2 Choose silk or cotton Opt for a silk or cotton scarf – synthetics tend to trap heat.




STEP 3 Consider wearing options Use your scarf as a belt if it’s too hot to wear it around your neck, or try using it as a sash fora sun dress or as a headband to keep your hair out of your face.


STEP 4 Select a color that flatters you Choose a color and pattern that flatters you – the more vibrant, the better. Select your accessories in matching colors.


STEP 5 Be creative Be creative and tie two scarves of different colors and patterns together. Never wrap the scarf around your neck as if it were there simply to hold your head on.