Romantic, glamour and seduction… Women strive for both life and wardrobe

This week and for the second time we will talk about a Fashion style. After the 50/60’s Vintage style, we will talk about the Romantic inspiration. This fashion style is a chronological succession of the vintage one because it is inspired by the end of 60’s & 70’s: the Bohemian and Hippy style.

The Romantic fashion style suggests tenderness, youthful romances, and country style daydreams. The glamorous lady wants to show her femininity and her sensuality through a delicate and refined attitude in all circumstances. She approaches her wardrobe as an extension of her personality.
Nowadays there are two different ways to adopt a romantic outfit:

The Neo-bohemian way:

The neo-bohemian style is the new hippy inspiration from Woodstock and May 1968. The ideal wardrobe contains paisley prints, filmy blouses and flared tops, long petticoats, flat mules or ankle gladiator sandals… and regarding accessories: long chains and pretty flower-shaped hair slides and THE boho wickerwork shopping bag. You can easily and merrily pour it on yourself playing with chiffons and filmy materials like.


The Eden Garden way:

This whimsical approach is concerning women who have kept their childhood souls and a tad soppy, a tad sentimental. The ideal wardrobe contains twirl around, ruffle and A-line skirts and dresses, lace or crocheted camisoles and tops, silk scarves… and regarding accessories: antique headbands and brooches, and charms jewelry. You perfectly wear the jeans, slim or boyfriend ones, unless paired with a gorgeous silk blouse or with a top which has a tendency to fall below the hip, sometimes creating bulk where there is none.


Either fabrics, either colors, romantic women wear natural outfits:

The nymphets try to balance their wardrobe with neutral colors, drawing inspirations from graduations of green, light blue or brown, subtle shades from beige to light pink, through salmon pink. Genuine materials sets and natural prints borrow the codes to the vegetal and floral world. Complete your outfit with sand color, taupe color or lilac color and you will have the “crème de la crème”.

The English hundred-year-old “Liberty” prints are probably, in the same way as knitted stitches and real smooth leather or suede leather slouch bags, the most emblematic fabrics of the Bohemian trend. The romantic favorite materials are the loose drapes of Cotton, woolen or Silk, the Lace and see-through chiffons such as Muslin.


No need to wear the Hippy sign to get a bohemian style:

Accessories, once again, will help to complete and finish your outfits. Long chains or strings of pearls for femininity, cameos or superimposition of thin chains for authenticity, this is the detail which will tend to provide the whimsy. You should bring fantasy with cute charms to personalize your delicate jewelry, or knot ribbons and silk flowers to your bracelets/bands or even bags handles.

Please don’t forget your pretty hat! This is one of the most common romantic accessories. You should wear the Boater and the Beret on one side or slightly on the back of your head, or the Wide-brimmed hat and Bell one to look more mysterious. For the anecdote, Coco Chanel was the first designer who democratizes the traditional horsing and hunting hat, making the Boater her emblem of hat.


My advice:

You need to keep your choices tasteful and appropriate: please don’t adopt a whole bohemian outfit, you could go to the caricature and it’s sometimes associated to a very casual one. You should experiment a combination of clean and sophisticated lines with your love for frilly and soft details. Just add your glamour touch which will highlight your fresh-faced and your romantic idealism. The same goes for the overdose of “Liberty” prints, wear them with little posturing and limit yourself, preferably, to wear only one piece per outfit.

by Violaine Coutances



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