How to Look Pretty and Slim

Eat healthy
Eating healthy is a very important thing. Eat good proportions though. Don’t eat too much of that food because it can be bad for you even though you may be eating healthy foods. Start  eating whole grain toast or more veggies. Eat less sugary things and cut down on fatty foods. Start drinking more water. You won’t be so dehydrated and won’t have as many headaches. Eating healthy can help cut down the amount of pimples on you without using makeup to cover it which just gives it a reaction and helps you get skinnier. Eating healthy will make you less tired and more energetic which is usually appealing to people. It can also help you concentrate just like if you sleep more.

Exercise is an important thing to do. If we don’t exercise we get fat and lazy. Start doing push-ups and sit-ups. Less watching TV and playing video games. Just don’t over due the exercising. Anything you do too much is bad for you.

Stand up straight. If you improve your posture, not only do you decrease visibility of the rolls in your stomach, but you also gain confidence! Pair that with a winning smile and eye contact, you’re good to go. Especially if you have a small bust, try sticking your bust out when straightening your back out. This should make your shirt look less baggy near your tummy, rather making it appear more airy because of your bust.

Match your shoes to your build. If you are short and heavy, a pair of understated platform clogs or boots can give you height, and also counterbalance your body size. If you are tall and heavy, a pair of dark colored flats or low heel pumps will make your feet look smaller without making you even taller. Avoid slender heels and sharp pointy toes; they will look small on you, and accentuate your size.

If you like makeup, don’t wear too much. Too much can make you look like a clown or somebody who doesn’t know proportions. Wear some lip gloss and maybe some blush. Go for light colors in the eyeshadow like peach color or maybe light green. If you are a kid not in the teens yet, try not to wear any makeup at all. It will make you look like you are trying to grow-up too fast. Or at the most, minimize the amount you put on.

Choose the colors carefully. Wear neutral color clothing. Colors like brown, grey, and black make you look skinnier and more mature. Colors like dark red can make you look dangerous which if you like that appeal go for it.

Make sure to believe in yourself! You have to believe that you are beautiful in order to be beautiful. Remember, nobody is perfect or ugly. Everyone is unique and special in some way. Confidence is key.


Choose the Best Makeup Brush Set

A makeup brush set is almost as important as the makeup itself. The brushes are what evenly distributes the makeup and allows for precise application. Choosing the right ones can mean the difference between flawlessly applied makeup or that which looks haphazard and, in some cases, as if it were applied in the dark or in horrible lighting. When choosing a makeup brush set, consider what each brush is for, what the brushes are made of and their quality, as well as how much the set costs.

The first step in choosing a makeup brush set is to know what each of the brushes is for. Purchasing a large set with a huge number of pieces is a waste of money if the majority won’t get any use. Whatever makeup is applied daily, learn what brushes are best for application and make sure those are definitely in the set. At minimum, you need four: a large powder brush, a slightly smaller fluffy brush (for blush, bronzer, and/or highlighter), an eye-shadow brush the size of a fingertip, and a smaller shadow brush (for smudging and blending). For each, look for a slightly domed shape — it rolls best across the skin with the least drag—and a nice fluffy texture, which deposits less pigment so you can be precise.

While some consist of synthetic materials, other fibers that can make up the brushes are pony, squirrel and goat. Natural brushes are typically fluffier and softer than synthetic brushes and also have a tendency to be more durable and costly. Some may not feel comfortable choosing a makeup brush set that consists of real fibers or they may feel it is the best option for what is often the best quality. The trick here is to use a natural bristle hair brush for the application of powdery makeup products, such as powder, blush and eyeshadow and use a synthetic bristle brush for wet makeup application, such as creams, lipstick and foundation.

Cost can be another factor in choosing a makeup brush set. Some sets are quite inexpensive while others can cost hundreds of dollars. While it may seem that choosing a good makeup brush set is as easy as buying whatever is on sale, it is better to consider other factors as well. In this case, spending a little more money could be a better investment as they could last you for years with the right care.

Take good care of your makeup brushes. Keep them clean and dust-free. Store away from bathroom products and preferably in dust-proof locations such as a container or a bathroom cabinet. Gently wipe down makeup build-up regularly from your makeup brushes. You can use water for synthetic brushes or simply wipe with a tissue for natural bristle brushes.