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Styling Trends 2014 – Accessories

An explosion of vivid fluorescent mesh, zips, chains and mini studs hit the catwalk. Some spectacular looks in homage of the Sixties. Accessories establish an organic dialogue with outfits.

• lively detailing on hand and shoulder bags
• matching clutches
• bags provide fertile ground for an element of playfulness, covered with tiny pegs
• openwork takes on a new surgical dimension, like laser-cutting applied to all kind of surfaces
• bags with variations of weaving surfaces
• natural minerals and wicker are mixed with ultra-sophisticated materials to recoup a natural energy
• bags with graphic and appliquéd decoration are the key and look super fresh when matched to the garment they are worn with

• weaving beltser lacework and raffia’ caps and visors

• laser-cutting details on shoes
• shoes with weaving optics
• shoes with heels out of sea-worn wood
• shoes with shells and net optics
• pointed sandals and stilettos with chain details

Head wear
• hats out of wicker
• perforated leather fisherman’s updates or semi-sheer lacework and raffia’ caps and visors

• brooches out of sea-worn wood
• necklaces out of natural minerals mixed with ultra-sophisticated materials
• earrings and necklaces out of corals
• colourful necklaces



How to Look Pretty and Slim

Eat healthy
Eating healthy is a very important thing. Eat good proportions though. Don’t eat too much of that food because it can be bad for you even though you may be eating healthy foods. Start  eating whole grain toast or more veggies. Eat less sugary things and cut down on fatty foods. Start drinking more water. You won’t be so dehydrated and won’t have as many headaches. Eating healthy can help cut down the amount of pimples on you without using makeup to cover it which just gives it a reaction and helps you get skinnier. Eating healthy will make you less tired and more energetic which is usually appealing to people. It can also help you concentrate just like if you sleep more.

Exercise is an important thing to do. If we don’t exercise we get fat and lazy. Start doing push-ups and sit-ups. Less watching TV and playing video games. Just don’t over due the exercising. Anything you do too much is bad for you.

Stand up straight. If you improve your posture, not only do you decrease visibility of the rolls in your stomach, but you also gain confidence! Pair that with a winning smile and eye contact, you’re good to go. Especially if you have a small bust, try sticking your bust out when straightening your back out. This should make your shirt look less baggy near your tummy, rather making it appear more airy because of your bust.

Match your shoes to your build. If you are short and heavy, a pair of understated platform clogs or boots can give you height, and also counterbalance your body size. If you are tall and heavy, a pair of dark colored flats or low heel pumps will make your feet look smaller without making you even taller. Avoid slender heels and sharp pointy toes; they will look small on you, and accentuate your size.

If you like makeup, don’t wear too much. Too much can make you look like a clown or somebody who doesn’t know proportions. Wear some lip gloss and maybe some blush. Go for light colors in the eyeshadow like peach color or maybe light green. If you are a kid not in the teens yet, try not to wear any makeup at all. It will make you look like you are trying to grow-up too fast. Or at the most, minimize the amount you put on.

Choose the colors carefully. Wear neutral color clothing. Colors like brown, grey, and black make you look skinnier and more mature. Colors like dark red can make you look dangerous which if you like that appeal go for it.

Make sure to believe in yourself! You have to believe that you are beautiful in order to be beautiful. Remember, nobody is perfect or ugly. Everyone is unique and special in some way. Confidence is key.


Celebrity Trend Watch: Bright Neon Colors

As is known to all, neon color is a huge trend on runways in this summer. There’s nothing better than dressing loud and bright for this hot season. It doesn’t matter your destination because the party is coming with you when you’re in a great neon outfit. The neon trend originated in the 80’s and it is coming back in an exciting and specific way nowadays. Many designers are choosing bright neon colors in their shows. It is appeared everywhere on the pumps, sandals, handbags, belts, jewelry, dresses or even nail arts.


Highlighter Yellow

First of all, celebs are all about highlighter yellow in this season. Ashley Richards’ highlighter yellow dress caught our eyes at the first sight. It made her so chic and shining on the fashion stage.

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