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Congrats to @halalghomiz  and @Maram for being our #Style Jollychic winner of the week!


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Victoria Beckham Schooling us How to Wear Bright Colors

As is known to all, Victoria Beckham is not only a soccer star’s wife, but also a fashion icon, shuttling in the fashion circle. When you think of Victoria’s polished style, neon colors do not typically come into mind. But this fashion maven has been on a big bright kick, and we are all attracted.

Victoria’s recent looks are a refreshing reminder that minimal does not equate to boring and bland. She smartly infuses a statement hue into her wardrobe by selecting a single vibrant piece with crisp lines. In the simple and agile bright style, Victoria completely show us her chic and vogue taste.


Guidelines to Wear Brights

How do you emulate Victoria’s chic style? Here are three basic guidelines:

  1. Keep it simple and agile;
  2. Pick one solid piece;
  3. No prints or floral;
  4. Material can be bold.

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